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How to earn coins on Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet

In this post I would like to show you a few methods how to earn coins on Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet.

Currently 1 Cointiply Coin is worth approximately 1.6 Satoshi.

100 Coins = $0.01

1000 Coins = $0.10

10 000 Coins = $1.00

It is possible to make thousands of coins every day and some people do this literally in minutes!

One of my referrals has earned over 2 million Satoshi in just 2 weeks! This fact alone proves that Cointiply is one of the highest paying Bitcoin Faucets by far.

Below is the earnings I receive from his activity (10% from Offer Wall tasks and 25% from all faucet claims). This means if one of your referrals rolls a bonus of 100 000 coins, you will receive 25 000 coins!

“A referral a day helps your mine go a long way!”

This is just one exciting way how you can earn coins with the help of friends and referrals on Cointiply.

Depending what region you from will determine what tasks are available from the Offer Walls.

The best tasks are available for the US and most European countries but there are also special tasks that are only available to other countries in Asia or Africa.

Some exclusive offers can be unlocked as well.

Method 1 – Faucet

The easiest method to earn coins on Cointiply is to use the faucet.

On your Dashboard click the “Roll & Win” action button and solve the Captcha.

You can roll once per hour and stand a chance to win up to 100 000 Coins!

You get a bonus of 35 coins if you roll a prime number.

There are also bonus coins awarded based on your Cointiplier which can go from x1.1 to x2. This means you can get up to double the amount of coins each time you roll.

Method 2 – Offer Walls

The fastest and easiest way to earn coins from the Offer Walls is to complete the Minute Staff tab tasks. Read the instructions carefully, they are very simple to follow.

Once you get 30 000 coins from completing these tasks it will unlock another tab (Target and/or Ex) which apparently can be nice coin makers. I have not unlocked them yet but just over the half way mark.

Tip – Look through the Offer Walls very carefully because some advertisers pay different amounts for completing the task and some tasks can only be completed once and then they disappear from all the other advertisers as well.

Lords Mobile

One of my first high paying rewards was from completing the Lords Mobile offer from AdGate Media, that gave me just over 32 000 coins.

You need an Android device for this, minimum version 4.0. I suggest you open Cointiply on your Android device and run the offer directly from there, use the same email address you used for Cointiply to signup with Lords Mobile.

You will need to reach Monster Level 2 and this can be done by playing the game and simply following the quest suggester that flashes on the bottom of the screen throughout the game. Eventually your Academy building reaches level 7 and you will be able to research Monster Level 2 from this building. Once the research is complete you need to go out into the wilderness and attack a Level 2 Monster. Make sure to take a screenshot of this just in case.

Once that is done your coins should be rewarded within 24 hours, if not then open a ticket with AdGate Media and send the screenshot to prove you completed their task.

Games & Apps

You can install many games and apps that will award a small amount of coins for very little effort. Usually the tasks will require you to install and open before the reward is sent.

Some games require credits to be earned before you receive your coins, like Gamehag (you need 500 Gems).


You can get the answers on Google to most of the quizzes.


If you dread surveys like me then skip them but after many battles I have come to realize they are real coin makers! The more surveys you complete, even the ones you don’t qualify for, the system keeps track of all your answers and determines what surveys you could potentially qualify for and eventually qualifying for them becomes easier. It just takes time and patience.

Other Offers

You can send money to charity and get a lots of coins. One of my referrals donated to a children’s charity and received over 100 000 coins.

There are subscription offers and paid offers but please be careful as some of them might not be 100% legitimate!

Method 3 – Referrals

I already mentioned and showed the benefits of having active referrals on Cointiply, to help you along in earning more coins to withdraw or to build your mine.